The plan keeps coming up again.

So ideally, this is what my training calendar is going to look like:

Monday: Tempo Run ~10km+ (AM)

Tuesday: E3 (CrossFit Endurance) (AM)

Wednesday: Intervals – Key Workout #1 (PM)

Thursday: E3 (CrossFit Endurance) (AM)

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Long Run – Key Workout #2 (AM)

Sunday: Recovery Run (primarily focusing on stretching) / Cross Train (AM)

I also walk to work on average 4 days/week (~35mins each way… for a total of about 1h10mins).

I’ll see how the first week goes, and may adjust accordingly. I’m thinking of adding another RUN or STRENGTH (crossfit) workout. OR possibly a YOGA or CROSSFIT MOBILITY class (my body could use some more stretching and lengthening).

My marathon training program is based on THIS plan (Runner’s World, 2006). I won’t go into detail here as it is all explained in the article, but essentially the idea behind this training is that you’re training your body to become more efficient at burning glycogen at marathon race pace. Thus, the first few weeks are shorter, faster workouts followed by longer runs/intervals at marathon pace closer to race day. You will want to know what your goal finishing time in order to calculate your pace for the training runs. For example, my goal time is 3h35mins, which calculates to 8:12/mile. But I’ll most likely train at 8:10/mile just to be safe!

You can use this calculator – McMillan Running Calculator – to help you find your race pace, as well as build customize training plans (training plans come at a cost though). It also gives you race times at other distances to help you gauge whether or not your goal race pace is realistic.  Check it out!

As a rule of thumb, I run OUTSIDE! However, it is winter and I do live in the Yukon which translates to SNOW and ICE and COLD and UNPREDICTABLE WEATHER PATTERNS. I may take my intervals inside to the indoor track (for now), and will keep my long runs outside unless it’s -40 and a blizzard (it happens!).

This is the Yukon:


And when we run we look like this (because we dress in multiple layers… and this was a nice day):


This is Kerrie and I running the Yukon Arctic Ultra Marathon last week. I think this was at mile 11.

What training plan do you follow?

What are your training philosophies?

Naturally, this song popped into my head:


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