Crossfit and Endurance.

Today’s workout was pretty great. Every Tuesday & Thursday I do a morning (5:45am) E3 CrossFit Endurance class at the gym down the road. My commute to the gym is maybe 2 minutes at the most. Perfect! E3 workouts focus on increasing intensity rather than volume of training.

I first started CrossFit in November 2008 in Kenora with Dave & Dave at the Dojo. I instantly fell in love with these workouts. Never had I ever worked out so hard in my life – I always left feeling really strong! Over the next few years, I made a point of training 3 x week (but took the odd break here and there for travel & back-to-school). The results showed and my running IMPROVED! Once I started adding CrossFit into my training schedule my typical ‘running injuries’ disappeared – no more shin splints! I also started running FASTER! My 5km was down around 23minutes (which was a big improvement seeing as prior to CrossFit I was happy with 27minutes).

When I moved to Whitehorse, my first plan of action was to find a CrossFit gym. It took me a couple of months, but in April 2012 I joined CrossFit Whitehorse at Peak Fitness. I continued with 3 x week (M-W-F) and as always, saw my running improve immediately. Workouts were awesome, I met some great new CrossFitters, and had a really fantastic coach (Hi Ashten!). In the fall, the gym started to offer E3 classes. I had just ran the Victoria Marathon, and was looking for something new to replace some of my runs. So I joined E3 and really loved the format of the workout. In fact, I actually preferred E3 to the CrossFit workouts as I felt that we were always finding our 1 max rep for different lifts (don’t get me wrong, I like lifting… but I prefer an AMRAP!). CrossFit just wasn’t giving me the workout I wanted and needed.

Unfortunately, today I just found out that the E3 classes will no longer be offered in the mornings. Major dislike! So I guess it’s back to CrossFit for me beginning next week. But I will be doing something new – I’m only going to train 2 x week. This way I can add in another run. See, my marathon training plan is already being adjusted!

Anyways, here is today’s WOD:

E3  WOD – 02/12/13

1. 10 minute spin on bike (30sec sprint/30sec recovery intervals)

2. 18 minute (3min X 1):

overhead squats

med ball cleans (14lbs)



sit ups

sumo dead lift high pull (SDHP) w/ kettle bell

3. 3 minute spin (30sec sprint/30sec recovery intervals)

So if you’re a runner who doesn’t do strength training, I highly recommend you incorporate it into your training. Not only will you become a faster and more efficient runner, you will also have less chance of being injured. So join CrossFit NOW! (or just start doing lots of lunges, squats, squat jumps, box jumps…)

[working on getting pictures. need instagram account. ha.]


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