I’m good, I’m gone: Intervals.

Key Workout #1. Completed. Yikes.

I forgot how ‘fun’ intervals are. Especially intervals from my training plan. Right from the get go they have me running 3 X 1.5miles at tempo pace. (TEMPO PACE: 10 to 15 seconds slower than 1ok or 10mile pace … or roughly your half-marathon pace)

So right after work I headed down to the Canada Games Centre – where I’ll be doing most of my interval training – and made my way to the track. Did I mention I hate running indoors. I’d way rather do speed work outside on the road… up a hill… in the rain. Running in circles bores the hell out of me. This is my track:


But I did it! Yay! My Garmin doesn’t work indoors, so I had to resort to the old fashion way – counting laps and using a stop watch. (By the way – I LOVE my Garmin. My most worn piece of jewellery)

photo copy

I felt relatively ‘good’ being that this was my first official interval workout since last fall. I was running what I thought was a fairly decent pace, until I looked at the stop watch. I finished my second interval (I forgot to turn on the stop watch for the first once) in 12:50, which is ONLY ~8:30/mile. It just doesn’t seem accurate because I was running 7:50/mile intervals in the fall. Argh! But then I remembered… it may take months to get fast, but it takes only weeks to start getting slow again. If only results lasted a lifetime.

So lessons learned today:

A) I should incorporate some shorter interval training during off season to keep at least some speed.

B) Start relying less on technology to measure my pace, and rely more on ‘feeling’ my pace… maybe try running without a watch once a week? (That’ll be a hard habit to break!)

C) Don’t be so hard on myself… this was the VERY FIRST workout of the training plan! (I’ll get faster!)

I was singing this song to myself as I ran in circles:


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