Goal Setting 101

Note to self: Save Draft !! (My first nicely written Goal Setting post was deleted. This one isn’t written quite as nicely.)

Let’s talk GOAL SETTING.

I’m definitely a planner. When it comes to planning I keep a daily planner (several)… a weekly TO DO list… and a yearly GOAL list. Planning helps me take control and stay focused. As much as I love to think of myself as a spontaneous person, I’m not! I like to organize my days and follow a routine. I work better that way. I’ve made attempts to forgo any ‘routines’, but I just feel so disorganized and out of sorts. Here are some of my 2013 goals (So yeah, I guess I still do owe my mom some $. Hah!):


I feel that my need for planning stems from my determination. I always feel the need to see how many things I can do at once OR how many marathons I can run in a year. When I goal set I know that in the end I will have worked towards accomplishing something, and that’s a good feeling. To me there’s nothing worse than that ‘standstill’ feeling of not going anywhere.

My goal setting process for running goes a bit like this:

1. Long term goals (generally make a plan at the beginning of a new year): Do you want to run an ultra marathon? A marathon? Do you want a specific marathon time?

2. YEAR-LONG RACE CALENDAR: Plan your race calendar leading up to your BIG RACE! The smaller races keep you motivated in the short-term and allow you to re-evaluate your training and/or goals.

3. Pick a training plan and STICK TO IT!: You have to put in the training to get the outcome you want. You can’t just ‘sorta’ stick to a plan, unless of course, no ‘time goal’ is involved. If you find that the training plan isn’t working for you, look for another one! There are LOTS of different plans out there suitable to your training needs.

4. Keep a JOURNAL!: Really. This works. It not only helps you stick to your plan, but also lets you SEE the progress you are making. I keep a written training log, my online Garmin training log, and this blog. (Don’t let this scare you… you don’t have to go overboard like me!).

5. REPEAT next year: With a new goal of course!

This is my last year’s training log. I was getting back into running after a bit of time off. This log was even colour coded and everything. (Uhh yeah, I know!)


Lululemon has a goal setting program if you’re interested. It includes worksheets (for those who like to be organized!), tips, videos, etc.  (Haters of Lululemon: To be honest, I’m a big fan. They really do make excellent workout gear!)

So whether you’re a seasoned runner or a newbie, GOAL SETTING is a great practice for ALL runners. You’d be amazed at what you’re capable of accomplishing with a little bit of hard work and some planning.

Speaking about training logs…

Yesterday’s E3 CrossFit workout:

1. 15 minute spin (Intervals)

2. 3min X 6 stations (18 minutes)

Kettle bell walk (40 lbs)

Overhead weighted lunge (20lbs)

Handstand push up (modified)

Sit ups

Wall ball (14lbs)

Overhead squat with kettle bells (10lbs)

3. 5 X 50m sprint/5 burpees

I’m going to miss you E3!



A favourite on my ‘walk-to-school’ playlist:


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