In it for the LONG RUN.

Oh the long run! Somedays they are fun… and somedays not so much.

Today was Key Workout #2: LONG RUN. No easing into the long runs on this plan. It’s straight to 13 miles (or 21km) @ 10% less than Marathon Pace (MP).

I stepped outside to -10C. We’ve had a pretty amazing winter in Whitehorse this year which makes running outdoors much more enjoyable. But even with -10C, you still need to bundle up. Today I wore 2 long sleeve shirts (Lululemon Run Swiftly Tech & Runder Under), north face wind jacket, running tights, smartwool socks, headband, buff neckwarmer, north face winter runners mitts. And even with all that on, I still wasn’t quite warm enough. Fingers and butt were a bit cold. Always.


I decided to use my hand held Ultimate Direction water bottle.  I (attempted to) hydrated with Hammer Sustained Energy and Clif Shot Bloks. I had 3 Clif Shots and managed to drink half the Sustained Energy. Of course, my drink started to freeze about an hour into my run. It pretty much turned into a slushy. Nutrition and hydration get complicated in winter. You have to deal with freezing water and gels! Thus the reason why I’ve been using Clif Shot Bloks… they generally don’t freeze… but they do become hard to chew! (I normally use Hammer gels)



I was off my training pace by maybe 50 seconds per mile. As soon as I started running I realized how difficult it’s going to be to train at (or near) my projected MP. I’m running in SNOW and ICE. But you know, it’s not like I didn’t consider the conditions prior to setting my goal. I guess I thought it’d be a tad bit easier in these conditions. (But really what was I thinking: too ambitious perhaps?) Even if I’m not training exactly at the calculated training paces, I figure I’m still working pretty damn hard running in the snow. So I’m pretty confident that once the snow melts and I start running on pavement, I’ll be strong enough to run at my MP. Today my run took me 2:02, with my average pace being 9:20/mile.

Week 1 almost done! Tomorrow will be an easy recovery run, possibly followed by CrossFit mobility.

Do you run outdoors in the winter? 

What do you use for hydration/nutrition on your long runs in the winter?

How do you keep warm on your outdoor winter runs?


2 responses to “In it for the LONG RUN.

    • They’re definitely an easy solution to gels; however, they don’t quite have the same calorie count. The package suggests 3-5 bloks per hour. They’re still good though!

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