Lunchtime! Who out there struggles with this meal? I certainly do. For so long I never really knew how to pack a lunch. And I guess I still don’t (according to some! Hah). I don’t like eating sandwhiches because that would mean eating more bread (I have toast&almond butter for breakfast EVERY morning). I don’t like eating leftovers, because leftovers are dinner foods and for whatever reason I don’t like eating dinner foods for lunch. I would eat a salad, but again, I like saving my salad for dinner. And I can’t eat anything too involved because I’m usually rushing to eat my lunch before 20 needy six year olds barge back into the classroom.

A few years ago a friend of mine introduced me to VEGA (click to learn more). In short, Vega is clean, plant-based nutrition formulated by Brendan Brazier (former professional athlete). Again, all products are based on the principal of fuelling your body with whole foods for optimal performance. A principal I quite agree with. What originally began with Vega One, Vega has now expanded to several new product lines, including Vega Sport, Vega Shake and Go Smoothie, Vega EFA oils, etc.

I purchased my first container of Vega One (chocolate flavour) and never looked back.The taste did get a bit of getting used to, but before no time I was hooked. I tried all the flavours before declaring Vanilla Chai my favourite. Just last year, the product was reformulated (tastes and mixes better) and French Vanilla (my new favourite) was added.

Along with my first container of Vega One, I purchased the book: The Thrive Diet. This book 100% changed my life. Not in a “I’ve been reborn again” sense, but in a “I really DO feel better!” way. I not only lost weight, but my running times improved AND I became stronger – lifting heavier weights at CrossFit. I was really seeing RESULTS in all aspects of my life. Okay – I realize that I sound like an infomercial ad, so I’ll stop… now. But really, read on.

So back to lunch – I always make sure I incorporated Vega One in my lunch. What better way than by adding it to a smoothie. The following are two very DELICIOUS smoothies that I’ve created – one with Vega One French Vanilla and one without. Enjoy!


P Squared Smoothie

1 Poached Pear

1 scoop Vega One French Vanilla

1 cup non-dairy milk (I often use either rice milk or almond milk)

Mix all ingredients in a blender et voilà! You have a very delicious and nutritious smoothie.

*To poach a pear: fill a pot with water; add ginger, cloves & 2 cinnamon sticks); boil until pear is soft

**Looks aren’t everything!


The following is a poached pear smoothie sans Vega One.

Hide the Spinach Please Smoothie

1 Poached Pear (see above for how-to poach pear)

1 cup non-dairy milk

1 cup spinach

1/2 frozen banana

Add extra ginger (fresh or ground) to taste

Mix all ingredients in a blender et voilà! Another tasty smoothie.

NOTE: The poached pear make these smoothies THAT MUCH MORE delicious! I strongly suggest against using a normal ‘ole pear.

Okay, now let’s talk WORKOUTS! Today was interval day. AHHH! In the morning I’m generally pretty excited about this workout, but as soon as I get to the track my excitement turns to nerves. I always get this nervous feeling before hard workouts – almost the same feeling I get at the start of a race. The nerves usually subside after a lap or two, but still.

Today the workout was 2 x 2miles @ MP (~8:10/mile).  The first interval was slightly slower than MP @ ~8:15/mile. Not too far off. I was running most of the laps on the outside part of the track and sans watch, so technically I probably ran a bit further than 2 miles, which means that my time was probably on. I decided that for my second interval I would run on the treadmill – just to compare. I programmed it to run 8:00/miles; so faster than I needed to. If I had to decide on whether the track or treadmill was the most challenging, I would have to say the treadmill. Mainly because, as much as I dislike tracks, treadmills are incredibly boring. It takes a lot of mental strength to run on treadmills. Round of applause for those who do (and don’t jump off 5 minutes into their workout).

I’m still mourning the loss of my E3 workout. I LOVED that class and am pretty bummed that they are only offering it at lunch time. (Do they not realize that it’s pretty impossibly for a teacher to leave school, let alone get at least 15 minutes to actually eat their lunch? Hah.) I guess CrossFit it will be tomorrow morning.

Do you love Vega as much as I do? 

What’s your favourite smoothie recipe? 


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