Week 2: BMO Vancouver Marathon 2013 Training

Into the wild: Yukon winter running…64810_557661507591965_87837568_n-1

Monday, February 18: Today’s scheduled training run was a 7km tempo run. I left my place at about 6:30am and proceeded to run in the freshly fallen snow. Again, sidewalks were a bit icy and the fresh snow made traction a bit difficult. My pace was 8:49/mile. I can’t wait until all this snow melts! I can definitely foresee frustration with my future tempo run paces. Especially when comparing to my tempo runs in the fall.

Tuesday, February 19: E3 CrossFit (24 minute spin – 1min sprint, 1 min recovery); 2min x 6 (12minutes) – pushups, sit-ups, squats, squat jumps, lunge jumps. Overall strength workout (this includes planks, plank single leg lifts, etc.).

Wednesday, February 20: Today the workout was 2 x 2miles @ tempo pace (~8:00/mile) with 1/2 mile recovery between sets.  The first interval was slightly slower than tempo – 16:15. Not too far off. I was running most of the laps on the outside part of the track and sans watch, so technically I probably ran a bit further than 2 miles, which means that my time was probably on. I decided that for my second interval I would run on the treadmill – just to compare. I programmed it to run 8:00/miles; so faster than I needed to. If I had to decide on whether the track or treadmill was the most challenging, I would have to say the treadmill. Mainly because, as much as I dislike tracks, treadmills are incredibly boring. It takes a lot of mental strength to run on treadmills. Round of applause for those who do (and don’t jump off 5 minutes into their workout). I ended this workout with a back strengthening workout.

Thursday, February 21: E3 CrossFit (15 minute spin – 1.5min sprint, 30sec recovery); 3min x 6 (18minutes) – pushups, plank, sit-ups, squat jumps, lunge jumps. I ended this workout with a general strength workout.

Friday, February 22: E3 CrossFit (10min spin – 1min spin, 1 min recovery; 10 min row – 1min spin, 1 min recovery; 10min strength – 1 min of each: deadlift (95lbs), SDLHP (45lbs), box jumps, sprints, ring holds).

Saturday, February 23: 16 mile progression run. I ran this in 2:37 with an average pace of Today, the temperature was quite mild. When I left the house it was -10c; however, a bit windy at spots. I tried to keep an even pace, but the paths were covered with some soft snow

Sunday, February 24: CrossFit Mobility + 1 hour recovery walk. The mobility class is basically yoga for crossfitters. Each class focuses on a target muscle group. We work these STRETCH these muscles doing yoga poses and foam roller. I AM incredibly stiff AND I really feel that this class is going to save me.

Total mileage: 40km (25miles)

The mileage would have been a bit higher had I done my recovery run on Sunday. Instead I did my CrossFit Mobility class and went for an hour walk afterwards. Successful training week: yeah. sure. I might sound like a broken record, but I really can’t wait to start training on pavement!


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