Run for BETTER


Isn’t it though? On my run the other day, this guy asked me (as I was passing him on the sidewalk): “You’re definitely wide awake this morning! What are you running from?”. I hesitated, then replied, “EVERYTHING!”. And I mean, it’s true. What better way to get away from everything and anything, AND feel so much better afterwards.

I challenge you to try it sometime. Go out for that run and feel BETTER. It works. Trust me.

What gets you out the door?

Is life really better when you’re running? 


2 responses to “Run for BETTER

  1. I do it because I KNOW I’ll be happy all day that I chose to get up and do. That come race day I’ll remember back to all those days I chose to get up instead of being lazy and comfortable.

    Please stop by and leave a comment on one of my posts some time. I love your motivation!

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