Favourite things: {at the track}

the track
Before I get into my favourite track workout outfit, I’m going to briefly talk about my long run. Oh. My. God. Really, today’s run started off alright, but then turned into a “as long as you don’t stop to walk” run. It was -15 when I left my house, but beautiful clear skies and sunny. I was doing alright in the beginning, then at about mile 6 I hit the 2-3 mile hill (a few hills that never seem to stop). I trudged up them faster than last week (good) but once up, at a place where I can normally start speeding up, I just couldn’t get my legs to move faster (bad). So by the end I was running between 9:20-9:30/miles. The best part was that I had it in my head all week that it was a 20mile run. Turns out I had to do 15miles. (That was a good thing).
Okay, so let’s talk favourite things. Last week I posted about my favourite winter running things, so this week I figured I’d talk a bit about my favourite track running things AKA summer running uniform. Is it summer yet?
NIKE FREE RUN 3.0 V4: I very much love these shoes for track/interval workouts. They are lightweight & flexible, allowing me to feel like I’m flying (well that may be a bit of a stretch). I once ran a half marathon in these shoes; however, I don’t think I would attempt that again. Although, I’ve run marathons/half marathons in Nike Free Run 3 shoes, I feel that these Nikes don’t have that extra bit of cushioning needed for those longer distances.
LULULEMON Run: Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve: Lightweight, breathable, fitted, long. First short sleeve running shirt I’ve found in a long time that I actually like. I feel any other running shirt I’ve purchased are always too short and unflattering. I do want to look somewhat good when I go out for my run, you know.
LULULEMON Run: Pace Crop: The length of these crops are great – they hit right under the knee – which I prefer to the longer run crops. They’re breathable (important!) and even have a pocket on the back waist which comes in handy on longer runs outside when I want to carry a gel. Not much more else to say. Try them?
LULULEMON Slipless Headband: I find that the Lululemon headbands always stay in place, so I’m not constantly trying to readjust it when it’s slipping down my forehead. Not really something I want to do when I’m trying to focus on my pace.
Adidas Original Gym Bag: Just a plain old gym bag. Nothing fancy, no million pockets. Just grab&go.
iPod Touch: Since I can’t use my Garmin watch, I’ve been using my iPod touch as a stop watch. Speaking of which, I really need a stop watch. Can anyone suggest one a good one? And no, I don’t listen to music on this. I rarely listen to music when I run. Pretty much only on days when I absolutely don’t want to go out, and I know that the only thing that will keep me running is music.
Water Bottle: NEED THIS.
What do you wear to the track? 
What (non GPS) running watch should I be using? 

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