Week 3: BMO Vancouver Marathon 2013 Training


Monday, February 25: 7km TEMPO run (however, this turned into a 6km tempo run due to full moon). I left my house at 6am and noticed the full moon right away. So what happened on this run… a near dog attack by the crazy barking dog, who only seems to come out when it’s a full moon, followed by a run in with a couple of coyotes. Because I had to turn back, I ended up running 6km @ 8:50/mile.

Tuesday, February 26: CrossFit (Tech WOD: power clean squat; WOD: TABATA – squats, double unders, sit ups, push ups, pull ups)

Wednesday, February 27: Key Workout #1 – 4mile TEMPO run. I ran at the track in order to get a faster run in, and also due to icy conditions outdoors. My time was 33:50, which is 8:27/mile. Arg! Still not very happy with this, but I did have to run a bit on the outside of the track so technically I ran more than 4miles (I’m just trying to find an excuse). Either way, I finished feeling pretty strong, knowing that I will be able to run faster the next time.

Thursday, February 28: SLEPT IN! Report cards + meetings + Amazing Race applications will do that to you. I did feel pretty horrible (exactly the way I had mentioned in a previous blog post). I quickly made myself feel better about my sleep by deciding to take it as a rest day and run the following day (Friday morning) instead. Not all is lost.

Friday, March 1: This morning I had time to do a 6km run. Unlike Monday, today’s run was quite uneventful (in a very good way – no dogs, no coyotes). I ran it in 33:00 with an average pace was 8:51/mile. Good enough for me this morning. This is my last very early morning run for the next two weeks as it’s the MARCH BREAK! Finally.

Saturday, March 2: Oh. My. God. Really, today’s run started off alright, but then turned into a “as long as you don’t stop to walk” run. It was -15 when I left my house, but beautiful clear skies and sunny. I was doing alright in the beginning, then at about mile 6 I hit the 2-3 mile hill (a few hills that never seem to stop). I trudged up them faster than last week (good) but once up, at a place where I can normally start speeding up, I just couldn’t get my legs to move faster (bad). So by the end I was running between 9:20-9:30/miles. The best part was that I had it in my head all week that it was a 20mile run. Turns out I had to do 15miles. (That was a good thing).

Sunday, March 3: Today was an awesome (+ much needed) CrossFit Mobility. We specifically worked on back, hips, and glutes. I am so incredibly stiff, it’s so bad. I’ve been making a point of stretching after all my runs (unlike during the winter, when I rarely made time for stretching). I’ve even made a physio and massage appointment for next week. For all you people who forego the stretch – please don’t!  You’ll end up paying for it in the end.

Total mileage: 43km

My mileage isn’t as high as I would like it to be. I feel I should be getting at least 55+ km! I have 2 weeks of holidays, so I’m going to step it up a notch and get some good, solid training in. Also, note to self: stop eating so much bread!

How many km/miles do you run per week? 


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