Excuse me, Mister. What’s the secret to your madness?

I’m currently reading the book “Running with the Kenyans: Passion, Adventure, and the Secrets of the Fastest People on Earth“. (You know, a “Born to Run” but based in Kenya.) I picked it up the other day at the local bookstore on my way home from work. I wasn’t exactly looking for a book on this topic; I just kind of came across it. I mean, when you’re in the beginning phase of marathon training, secrets to running faster are graciously accepted.


So what are the secrets to their success? Is there even a secret? Well there certainly are lots of theories based on genetics, barefoot running,  training at high altitude, etc. Perhaps the Kenyans were simply born to run. (Wait, I thought the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico!) Could that be their secret – were they really born to run? Were we born to run? Was Bruce Springsteen born to run?

Anyways, when I find out the secret I’ll be the first to let you know! (I’m only halfway through the book.)

Until then I suggest just doing what you’ve always been doing. JUST RUN. Because let’s face it there are no magic potions; there are no magic shoes. The secret simply lies within you.

Do you have what it takes to do YOUR best? To train HARD? To give it YOUR ALL? If you do, then that my friend, will be the secret to YOUR success.

For your viewing pleasure, you might enjoy the Guardian’s Ten of the Best Running Documentaries.

Need a new song to add to your running playlist? Here y’are:


2 responses to “Excuse me, Mister. What’s the secret to your madness?

  1. I loved ‘Born to Run’ do u recommend ‘Run with the Kenyan’s’ as a good read?
    By the way love your blog

    • Thanks, Anita! Yeah, I do recommend the book. It’s along the same lines as Born to Run, but unlike Born to Run, Run with the Kenyans is the author’s journey to see how far his talents will take him. He decides maybe the only way he can do this is by heading to Kenya and train like one of them. The book recounts his training and talks about what training in Kenya looks like while looking at what makes Kenyans so damn fast (hence the question, ‘is there really a secret?’). The book has so far been pretty inspiring, and definitely makes you want to get out there and run!

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