Running to beats: 45:33

The other day a friend of mine told me he had a rad song that I should consider adding to my running playlist. I always welcome new music suggestions – especially some good, solid running tunes – so I was pretty excited about adding something new to my collection. Then I thought, ‘Hey, why don’t you write a blog post to go along with the song’. So here it is ladies and gents. Enjoy. 


In the first installment–of what is hopefully many [if Sam approves:)–this is DJ NEW BALANCE comin at ya!

As far clichés go, when it comes to running “fuel” is about as big as they get. Fuel with hydration, food, smoothies, gel packs, compression socks, motivation, blah, blah blerg. However, nothing can turn a cold, rainy, sluggish, hung over run into a “sprinting around the bases World Series Championship run” like the right songs bumping in your ears, urging you to conquer! That being said, I would love to share some of my personal favourites with you, and maybe help to urge your ears, and more importantly, your running, along at godspeed!!!

This first suggestion is somewhat of a no-brainer, a foregone conclusion. Although music is an endlessly personal thing, you really cannot deny that dance music and hip-hop fit the niche of making people move [dancefloors, zumba classes, bedrooms] better than any other. If you get down to Country and Western on runs, all the power to you. However, in this case first post, I look towards world premiere DJ and musician James Murphy, formerly of LCD Soundsystem. One could easily troll through LCD’s catalogue to pluck numerous gems for their running playlist. However, in this instance I look towards a project he did a number of years ago, surprisingly enough, in partnership with Nike. Shocked?! I was too, at first. Major indie-dance artist, collabs with billionaire corporate swooshers? What? I will let P-Fork do most of the explaining here [], however this is the concept in a nutshell. Nike sponsored a number of marquee musicians to create music specifically designed for running/working out. Murphy jumped at the chance. What he came up with is a 45 minute and 33 second song, entitled, 45:33. Huh. Fitting title.

The song was created to mimic the pace of typical run, including consideration for warm-up, building pace, pushing to a climax and then cool down afterwards. So, next time you are looking for a good 45 minute set, give it a shot. In my next installment, look forward to an argument in favour of Nicki Minaj while chugging! Consider your opinion of Minaj changed! Pow!

Lace em up tight and have a good one!
~DJ N.B.


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