Week 4: BMO Vancouver Marathon 2013 Training

Wow – already 4 weeks into training. Time is FLYING. Literally. It’s already mid-March. Only 2 more months of winter (Hah! Get me out of here?!). I was pretty consistent with my training this week. I did change my schedule a bit  due to it being March Break. We get 2 weeks of break up here in the Yukon – my saving grace! (I also did quite a bit of dog walking as I’m dogsitting over the March Break.)

Monday, March 4: E3 CrossFit – Warmup; 10min AMRAP (10 box jumps; 10 pull ups); 10min row (1min sprint/1min recovery); 10min spin (1min sprint/1min recovery)

Tuesday, March 5: Key Workout #1 – 3 x 2 miles @ MP. Like usual, I packed my bags and headed to the track. I went around 10am (ohh the joys of holidays) thinking I would have the track to myself. I was wrong. There were quite a few people there, all whom I would have to dodge at some point. (1) My first 2 miles I ran at 16:30 (~8:15/mile). From what I remember I felt pretty good. (2) Second set was ran at pretty much the same pace as the previous interval. (3) Because this was the first time doing a third 2 mile interval, I decided that I would break it down – so I did 2 x 1mile. This helped me mentally get over adding a third 2 miles. I can’t remember what my first 1 mile – I think it was 8:00/mile. I was feeling pretty tired. Somehow for my second 1 mile, I ended up running a 7:40/mile. I was satisfied with that!; Overall body strength workout. 

Wednesday, March 6: E3 CrossFit – Warmup; 15min spin (climbs + sprints); 18min WOD – 2minX9 (wall balls, med ball slams, sit ups, 45lbs back squats, burpees, 15lbs OHWL, superman, mountain climbers, sprints)

Thursday, March 7: 10km Temp0 Run – 54:34 @ ~8:46/mile. I started off a bit slow with a 9:20/mile, but then followed with a 8:28/mile then an 8:37/mile. The next 5km went more or less the same. The weather has been all wonky – warm & cold – so there is lots of ice on the sidewalks. Gets a bit dangerous. Again, a broken record, I hope it melts SOON!

Friday, March 8: E3 CrossFit – 10min spin warmup; 10min AMRAP (10 wall balls, 10 rope climbs, 10 push press, 20 mountain climbers, 20 sit ups, 20 push ups, 20 frog jumps, 20 overhead lunges); 10min spin (intervals – seated climbs + sprints);

Saturday, March 9: Key Workout #2 – 5km time trial. I decided to head to the track to do this run, while listening to my new favourite running song – 45:33! I ran an unofficial time of ~23:00. I say 23minutes-ish because I ran 2 extra laps (equally about 400m) and clocked myself at 25:00 (give or take a few seconds due to having to find the stopwatch on my iPod. Gah. I need a better system for my track workouts. Perhaps a coach. Yeah, I like that idea. Who wants to coach me? Anyone?; Core + Overall Strength workout

Sunday, March 10: Recovery 3.5km leg-loosener run. I hosted a bRUNch this morning (post to follow) and we did a short loop… mainly because there was a buffet of really good food waiting for us.  [CrossFit Mobility cancelled today]

Total Mileage: 28.5km 

This week’s mileage was quite low due to there not being a long run on Saturday. I think the last time I had a long run free weekend was sometime in December. To be honest, it was pretty nice to wake up on a Saturday morning and have my breakfast at leisure sans long run thoughts looming in my mind. Next week is a different story though – 18 miles!

My goal for next week is to get more mileage in (this will naturally happen with my long run), as well as doing my strengthening exercises at least 5 times next week. I really had no excuse this week for only doing them twice.

For now I rest, compression socks on. Thanks AMELIA!



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