Running to beats: Nicki Minaj

Another Tuesday, another new Running to Beats contribution  from our very own guest blog contributor DJ N.B. (yes, we take this very seriously. hah!). 


Okay, Round two!
When thinking of training and running, it is all too easy to make a “Rocky” reference. Think: Philly, concrete stairs, fist pumps, sweat, achievement, howling at the moon etc etc. For some reason, the song I have in mind for this post conjures up similar feelings to Rocky but with a very different musical timbre. And for all those who may hate the grey-track-suited Rocky clichés, you might also hate this more culturally relevant figure: Nicky Minaj.

I can’t deny, seeing her career arc lead her towards a pink-haired network TV slouch, I still stand by her early mixtape career that established her foundation. Give her early releases a try if you haven’t. They are a far cry from her songs that make her dress like an alien, or the ones heard at NBA allstar weekend, or in any number of awful commercials. Between her mixtape “Sucka Free” and her debut “Pink Friday”, she laid down songs laden ferocity, skills, split personalities, and humour.

If at this point you are still finding yourself a doubter, dig through your iTunes for a little known Kanye West album acronym’ed as something like MBDTF. In the hip-hop royalty laden track “Monster” Nicki destroys her verse. She growls, she spits, she turns into a twisted masochistic bi-polar Barbie and then back again. In the grand scheme, it might be the best verse in the entire album. And if I have still haven’t changed your mind yet, then feel free to walk away from this one.

On “Pink Friday” the track ‘Roman’s Revenge’ showed all off all of these musical skills, however it was lacking in one thing: it featured a verse from Eminem. Thankfully, the song was remixed shortly thereafter with Lil Wayne stepping in, and with Tunechi dramatically out-doing EM. In turn, this created an incredible high-octane, loaded-gun, banger of a track. The beat thumps hard, instantly creating a high-pace tempo. The song bursts with confidence. It makes you want to sprint up stairs. Flights and flights of them. All the while pumping your fists in the air. On top of all of this, the song is wildly and beautifully inappropriate {BTW NSFW, make sure your headphones are on}. I highly recommend this one. And if you are a Nicki-non-believer, this track might just change your mind and your run. Boom!

Lace em up tight and have a good one!
~DJ N.B.


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