Needed: Inspiration. Found: Inspiration.

If you’re stuck in a rut and looking for inspiration maybe you should consider heading to the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour when it comes to your hometown. I went last night, and left having schemed multiple new expeditions not even 5 minutes out for the door. Typical Sam style. Of course, I’m not talking climbing Denali or making the trek on foot to the South Pole and back (although, on second thought, maybe I would consider the one way trek). What I am talking about is pushing MY limits and setting new personal records.

On the whole, I’m a pretty motivated and dedicated person. I have a good track record of setting goals and achieving goals (physical goals, travel goals, personal goals, etc). But like everyone and anyone, I sometimes get a bit down if I don’t see the results I’m looking for, and need a kick in the arse to get me fired up again.

For example, right now, even though I am sticking to my BQ training plan, I’m still not feeling completely satisfied with my training. I know that there are still areas that can be improved upon, so instead of letting myself get down, I’m taking that step and amping up my training plan. My good friend and training partner, Amelia (check out her blog – Eat, Run, Travel!), is going to be there giving me that kick in the arse. (FYI: by amping up my training, I’m talking adding a bit more mileage AND focusing more on nutrition.)

Anyways, back on topic with pushing limits and setting personal records… After having watched the films you realize possibilities are limitless. The world is calling us – telling us to get off our computers and go do something.

There is still SO MUCH that I want to accomplish. The world is a big place and I want to see and do it ALL. So is there anything stopping me (besides funds). A sponsor would be nice; but it takes much more than that. By eliminating negative thoughts and equipping myself with a positive and I-Can attitude (as cheesy as it sounds) I know I can get things done. I have the mental strength and determination (thanks, mom!) to get myself through physical challenges. I also know that you have to take things seriously, too. Those guys free solo climbing or kayaking the Tasman sea aren’t taking their sport lightly. They know they have to be PREPARED to accomplish their GOALS (and survive, hah!). Most importantly, they also know that they can and they will. And I know that I can and I will. Don’t be surprised if next year I talk about training for another Ultra. Death Race, perhaps?

Now it’s your turn. Say it with me:

source: pinterest

source: pinterest

So what are you waiting for. Go see the BMFF now. Or watch this clip.

Do you have what it takes? 

What do you want to accomplish?


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