The long distance track runner

Yesterday I did something I never want to do again. I ran 18miles around the track. Translated into the metric system, that’s about 29km.

Let’s do some math.

4.25 laps = 1km. 4.25 X 30 = 127.5 laps. Gah!

Not that I counted. Instead I ran for time. In fact, I probably ran more than 18miles. It was probably almost 20miles, being that I ran for 2 hours and 50 mins (oui, 2:50).

Amelia joined me for a bit of that run. Thanks, friend! And other than that it was me and my iPod. Oh, and the annoying lady who kept running the opposite way on the track. (Is it  alright that I purposely tried to run into her every time she would run by me?) Not to worry, in another post I will talk track etiquette.

Now if only the snow would melt… and the temperature would shift to, I dunno, WARMish. Is that too much to ask for?

All in all, I’m pretty proud with myself for sticking to that run, considering my original plan was to run half inside and the other half outside. I guess after the 75th lap I convinced myself that it would be easier to just run it all inside. And I guess it was? It’s easy to talk yourself into things when semi-delusional.

The best part about this run is that NO run inside will ever seem long again.

In the meantime, I’ll patiently wait to get back outside and run in my new tights. I’ll let you know if they’re worth purchasing.

run: get up and glow tight (lululemon)

run: get up and glow tight (lululemon)

Do you even like the track?

Have you ever had to battle the ‘you’re running the wrong direction’ person at the track?


3 responses to “The long distance track runner

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  2. I could not imagine running that many laps. I tried one time and only made it to about 14 miles and then took it to the road. It was more of a mental workout than anything.

    And, yes, I find it very annoying when you have to dodge people on the track, especially when they are middle-school age and playing tag. It is great to have fun, but if you see someone running toward you and they warn you, watch out. lol. Also, it is not necessarily annoying b/c they run in the opposite direction, b/c I do that a lot so that I don’t have a lot of weight transferred to the same side every time I meet the curve. So I try to plan ahead and just get out of “their” way.

    Good luck with training and Happy Running! JWR

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