Week 5: BMO Vancouver Marathon 2013 Training

Such a COLD week. I know I like to brag about running in frigid weather, but now the cold is really getting to me. I am so over it and am so sick of running in it. March is always the worse month. Right when you think it’s going to get nice, it gets COLD. And all I want to do this:

source: pinterest

source: pinterest

Monday, March 11: I know last week I had said that I would be taking a complete rest day today. In the end, I ended up going to E3. I figured that since the day before was an active rest day (I had only a very slow 3km) I couldn’t miss E3 (I really love that class!). E3 workout today: 10min spin warmup; 5min row; 5min spin (seated and climbs); 5min – 1min rope climbs; 1min shuttle sprints; 1min burpees; 1min push press; 1min deadliest.

Tuesday, March 12: Key Workout #1: 3 x 2miles @ MP. Unlike last week when I had to split the last 2mile interval into two separate 1 mile repeats, this week I did them ALL! And my pace was even a bit faster. (1) 2 miles @ 16:30 (~8:15/mile) (2) 2 miles @ 16:40 (~8:16/mile) (3) 2 miles @ 17:00 (~8:30/mile). Again, this was at the track and measurement isn’t accurate. I’m pretty sure I’m running LONGER than 2 miles. So in theory my pace is actually faster than what I calculate according to my watch.

Wednesday, March 13: CrossFit E3. 35mins – 1 min intervals: 4o% sprint; 90% climb. I stayed on the bike the entire time today seeing as I had physiotherapy (needling in my lower back & hamstring) the day prior and it was recommended that I not lift weights for the following 48hrs.

Thursday, March 14: C.O.L.D! It’s still SO cold here. -30C this morning. Yes, you read that right. -30C. I really didn’t feel like bundling up, so I ran at the track. I made the decision to not count laps today (I’ve been doing enough counting to date), and decided to run for time instead. I ran to 45:33 (YES, such a good running song) and picked up my pace according to tempo of song. Honestly,  don’t think I’ve ever really literally ran to music before. It was fun.

Friday, March 15: CrossFit E3. Today was one of the funnest E3 classes yet. When the music is loud (and good!) I can really make myself work hard. 15min spin warmup; 10min (AMRAP) of 10 shuttle sprints, 20 wall balls (14lbs), 30 ball slams (16lbs), 40 pushups, 50 KB swings (20lbs); 10min hard row.  

Saturday, March 16: Key Workout #2 – 18miles Progressive RunYes, it can be done. How do I know? I did it. What did I do? I ran 18miles at the track. Read this POST if you haven’t already.

Sunday, March 17: CrossFit Mobility – Lower back & Hamstrings. YES! I’ve started going to physio for these exact two trouble spots – my lower back and hamstring. I am unbelievably tight all over, but the most in those two spots. I’m convinced if I start showing my body some more love it will carry me to the finish line in 3:34. I might even buy it a foam roller just to make sure.

Weekly Mileage: 49km

7 more weeks left. Wow. Getting serious now. My goal for the rest of the training is to start doing doubles every Monday. This way I will get a bit more milage in without adding to non-running days. Can’t wait to get to Vancouver!


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