Racing my way through Alaska

Apparently I’m doing my own Alaska Race Tour in June. I was looking at my calendar, and realized that I’ve signed up for 3 race events in Alaska in June. Feel free to join me people! 

June 8th I’m headed to Skagway to run a half marathon. Very excited to run a half. It’s been awhile. There will be some spectacular scenery, lots of hills, and maybe even a bear or two.


June 15th it’s the KCIBR. This year I’m part of an 8-person bike team. Girls Worth Biking For. Watch for us. For those unfamiliar with the KCIBR, each rider will ride a leg of the race, and in total will pedal 283km from Haines Junction, Yukon to Haines, Alaska.


June 22nd I’ll be running the Mayor’s Marathon in Anchorage. Very excited about this one, especially the road trip involved. Hello Chicken and Tok. Errr, I mean Fairbanks and Denali!


When in Rome…

Have you ever raced in Alaska? Do you have any big races planned?

Does running alongside grizzly bears appeal to you? 


4 responses to “Racing my way through Alaska

    • Thanks! Last year I was on my way to Skagway to run it, but couldn’t in the end because the highway was closed due to a landslide. Gives you a general idea of what it’ll be like. Needless to say, I am a tad bit nervous about this one!

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