Week 6: BMO Vancouver Marathon 2013 Training

In like a lamb. Out like a lion. March is such a tease. Regardless of the weather, week 7 was another successful week. I don’t think I’ve missed a workout yet since I started training for Vancouver. I feel pretty damn good about that. 41 days to go!


Monday, March 18: 13k run (Double: 2miles(AM) + 6miles(PM)) + 25min easy spin. Today was my first day back to work after 2 weeks of holidays. I really wasn’t ready to see those kids yet. This morning was SO cold. Really COLD. I woke up at 5am – dead to the world – and had breakfast as per usual. Midway through breakfast I decided that maybe I would run to and from work, and then a longer run after work. So I hopped on my bike for a 25 minute easy spin, just to get my legs loosened up before running to work (2miles). Ran home (another 2 miles) and then ran the Millenium Trail (4+miles).

Tuesday, March 19: Sleepy time (REST). First day of work after holidays left me pretty tired this morning. I decided that I would take today as my REST day.

Wednesday, March 20: Key Workout #1 – 3 X 2 miles @ MP. Quick recap:  (1) 16:30 (~8:15/mile) (2) 16:30 (~8:15/mile) (3) 15:58 (~8:00/mile).

Thursday, March 21: CrossFit – 13.3. Today in class we did the 13.3 Open workout – AMRAP (12 minutes of 150 wallballs, 90 double unders, 30 muscle ups). Needless to say, I did not get through this entire workout. And even if I did make it to the muscle ups, there’s no way I would’ve been able to do one. In the end, I finished with 150 wall balls and 25 double unders. Good enough for me. 

Friday, March 22: 6.5km (Double: 2miles (AM) + 2miles (PM). I figure I may just start running to and from work   a couple times a week. It’s a good way to get some more ‘easier’ mileage in.

Saturday, March 23: Key Workout #1 – 21km. Today’s long run was supposed to be either a 10mile or half-mrathon race. Considering there were no races scheduled in or around Whitehorse I just did my own 20km. Conditions were kinda alright (if we compare to last weekend). It was still pretty cold (-10C with STRONG HEADWINDS) and SUPER ICY. Very difficult to get into a steady rhythm. I felt as if as soon as you do get going, you need to slow down/tense up for major ice patch. I ran this in 1:58 (~9:35/mile) – but know I could’ve been much quicker had the roads been clear.

Sunday, March 24: CrossFit Mobility + 1.5 hour walk. A day of active recovery. Today in Mobility we worked on hips + quads. By back hurts now, though. And not in a good way. I don’t know if it’s an after effect from physio or if it’s because I wasn’t completely warmed up prior to the stretches. Hoping this is just a temporary thing!

Total Mileage: 50km 

You’ve probably noticed that I use Miles and Kilometres interchangeably. I’ve become quite efficient at converting miles into kilometres and vice versa. It’s a good mental workout. Try it sometime.

Bring on WEEK 7 !


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