Running to beats: N.E.R.D. ft. Santigold & Julian Casablancas

In need of some new beats? Add this to your playlist.  

source: polyvore

source: polyvore

Some more running tunes coming for your ears right now!
In June 2008 Converse commissioned some music to help celebrate their corporate footwear 100 years of successes. At this day and age I would never recommend wearing your ‘chucks’ on your next ironman; however, I do highly recommend this song for your next run.

The track features some heavy hitters from the hip-hop and indie worlds: N.E.R.D, Santigold, and Julian Casablancas. The song is what you would expect to come from these burroughs of music: it dabbles in the infectious hooks that N.E.R.D has made his corner stone, Santigold’s ‘go hard’ mentality, and the gravel-cooing of Casablancas all wrapped up in a song about the summer heat in the city. Just try not to let the reverbed guitar loop get you moving. The songs ebb and flow is meticulous as it builds with Pharrells and Santi’s hooks leading to Casablancas downtempo bridge, all before bringing it all back to together for the crescendo. Plain and simple, this song is so infectious you may need visit the “free clinic” after listening. Better yet, you can run there!

PS. Peep the video, too. You’ll probably by some new cons after you visit the clinic.


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