Sometimes you gotta give up to keep going

Vancouver marathon is quickly approaching. 5 weeks. There are days when I feel I’m ready, and days when I’m doubting a 3:35PB. Last week in my Training Recap, I wrote that I had not missed a workout yet. And what happens this week? Sure enough I miss one training day yesterday and modified my intervals on Wednesday. Guilt overtook me a bit, but at the same time I know my body (AND MIND) really needed it. Yesterday I was not feeling well at all and just couldn’t muster up the energy to get out there. In fact, I spent all day in bed. And didn’t get out of my bed until 7am this morning.

Will missing that one workout really affect the overall result of your race? Of course not. (Yet why does this continues to be on the back of my mind?) When you’re so invested in a training plan, any disruption (even ONE measly run) can cause a bit of derailment. Your focus is put elsewhere for a moment (on the fact that you really are tired), and when you turn it back to your training, you feel as if you need to start over.

So does this all mean that everything you’ve done up until now is over and meaningless? Should one just give up on their goal now? …STOP.

Lets be realistic here. The answer to everything above is plain and simple: NO. (I’m guilty, too – even though I know this,  it’s sometimes hard to accept.)

source: pinterest

source: pinterest

I’ll continue to tell myself this as I ‘restart’ my training today. (But did I ever really ‘stop’ training…?) I have 4 days off this weekend, and still 5 full weeks to go. Plenty of time to tweak my training and get stronger. You know, getting reacquainted with your training is never a bad thing. Even if it is only after one day of separation.

Do you give up to keep going?

How do you keep motivated? 


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