Week 7: BMO Vancouver marathon 2013 training

bmo_logoA delayed weekly update. Life gets ya sometimes.

Monday, March 25: Double: (am) 2miles + (pm) 5.5miles (total: 7.5miles) 

Tuesday, March 26: REST

Wednesday, March 27: Key Workout #1 – 3 X 2miles @ MP. I had to modify these today. Just was not feeling it … hence the next days sick day. Instead I did 3 X 1mile. Which in itself, is still a decent workout. (1) 1st mile @ 7:45/mile (2) 2nd mile @ 7:30/mile (3) 3rd mile @ 7:30/mile. Slow recovery pace between each set.

Thursday, March 28: SICK. Slept ALL day. 

Friday, March 29: CrossFit E3 

Saturday, March 30: Key Workout #220 miles. YES – today was my 20 miler. I did it. Made it. No matter how many you do, they are always the most intimidating run.

Sunday, March 31: 6km recovery run + 8km snowshoe

Total mileage: 58km (36miles) 

Today was kind of a terrible week. I had taken my rest day on Tuesday because I knew that I would be doing an E3 workout on Friday. But then life gets you and I took the sick day on Thursday. Sometimes your body just needs some rest!


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