It’s about time (to run again)

Yep, I’m still here. Have I been running? Not a whole lot over the past few weeks. But thankfully I can say that I have finally been able to start back at it. Albeit, slowly.

Literally the day I turned 29 this happened: a few wrinkles appeared and I sprained my ankle. Thankfully some physiotherapy, along with LOTS of rest, has helped me get back on the road. I was finally able to go for 3 pain-free runs this week. Yay! I did two 6km runs and one 9km run, all averaging an 8:45min/mile pace. I wasn’t focusing so much on pace (it is nice to see that I was running under (9:00min/miles), but rather on how I felt. And although my ankle felt fine, those runs did leave me feeling a bit winded. Wondering how I’ll fare running 42km next week! My success (or lack of) in this marathon will be attributed to accumulated winter mileage, rest & an increase in CrossFit classes. (I’ll be sure to report back.)

In order to keep  my spirits up over the past few weeks I bought myself a fancy new pair of kicks for the gym. Shoes really do make a girl happy.


So am I still aiming for a BQ time in Vancouver next Sunday? Well I’d be lying if I said I don’t hope for a BQ. But to be honest, with my injury + this year’s horrific events at the Boston Marathon, my priorities have shifted. My new goal is to simply finish feeling strong, smile on face, ready to tackle my next big marathon. 


2 responses to “It’s about time (to run again)

  1. Those are pretty rad shoes. I hope the weather’s decent for you next Sunday…the year I ran the BMO marathon it rained almost the whole time!

    • Thanks! Crossing my fingers it doesn’t rain. I’ve been running in the snow for so long… so rain would be very unwelcomed. Hoping for sun & blue skies!

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