Happy Vancouver Marathoning!

And it’s here. Vancouver race weekend.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. Frankly, I gots no clue what the outcome of this race is going to be considering the very little running I’ve done this past month. Generally I can make an educated guess as to what my race pace will be. (I was considering ditching the watch for a bit… but that’d just be mean.) 

I’m going to try real hard to be a realist and not get my hopes up when I realize at mile 20 I’m not on pace for a 3:35. (I’m also going to be a realist about the fact that it will probably be at this point when I start hitting the wall hard and wondering why I’m running in this ‘stupid’ race. hah (we’ve all felt that way in one race or another haven’t we?))

In the end, (I think) I’ll be happy with a 4:00. Even happier with a 3:59. Pretty sad with a 5:00.

Actually, finishing without puking in someone’s yard will be all that matters. Right, mom? (Yeah, this really did happen once.)

Happy Race Day, Everyone!



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